(as of summer 2022)

Our Kindergarden

The Mary Poppinz Kindergarten will open its doors for children from ages of four years old at the beginning of Summer 2022

At these ages attention is still paid to individual care in small groups. In two age groups of 8 each, the children will discover the big world with the support of our Marys. With enthusiasm they are prepared for school and learn to read and write. But also before and after the lessons we take care of the little ones and offer them the possibility to take part in amazing  excursions. They are also invited to spend the most beautiful 13 weeks of vacation in the year with us.

Only from Christmas to New Year the kindergarden will be closed.













For Mary Poppinz, the focus in the support of the offspring is not only on learning, but also on creativity and movement. We will experience nature from close up, rather than just studying from books, we will experiment with most different elements while promoting social behavior and sustainability. The children are prepared for school with joy.

Daily Outdoor Activities

Adventure and Movement Activities

We encourage the children to experience nature with adventure and movement activities and regularly plan excursions, e.g. to nearby forests and meadows or museums. The children learn to play outside together in a safe environment, thereby making big and small discoveries.

Kindergarden Learning Plan

First age groupd: 20 lessons of 45 minutes

Second age group: 24 lessons of 45 minutes


CHF 2’125* Basic 4 days of kindergarden per week and per month (12 times per year) from 6:30 to 19:00, Monday - Thursday
CHF 125 Additional Day Friday from 6.30 until 19.00
CHF 750 Vacation care for externals 5 days vacation care per week from 6.30 until 19.00, Monday - Friday

*All additional costs such as material, excursions, entrance fees, breakfast, snacks, lunch and Z’vieri as well as all drinks are already included in the rate.