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Mixed age groups

We offer mixed age nursery for children of ages 3 months to pre-kindergarten. Like this, the children get exposure to younger and older children to younger in order to stimulate and learn from each other.


We cook and prepare a great variety of balanced, all organic and fresh meals in our own kitchen. We chose our ingredients and milk from local farmers and producers and select for highest quality and sustainable production and minimize packaging waste. Our food should be a joy for all senses. It is also important to us that the children learn where their food comes from and how it is produced. That’s why we take the children on trips to local farms in and around Uitikon and Zürich to see and experience the animals, the flowers, and the fields. All our dishes are vegegarian.

Diapers and Care

We use bamboo cloth diapers, which are good for the babies and for the environment. The diapers have a “pop-in” system that catches the “business” so that it can be directly disposed. The cloth diapers are laundered at 90 degrees and reused. We provide the pop-ins at the KiTa. Of course you are welcome to provide us with your own reusable diapers. We can show you a variety of models and assist you in making a choice that bests suits your child’s and your needs.

It is our goal to maximize the use of recyclable products, like frotté towels, refillable caring and hygiene agents, or for example, bio degradable toothbrushes. We only use products that do not involve animal testing.


We are dedicated to making MaryPoppinz Zurich a second home for your child where your child feels happy, comfortable and welcome. We emphasize individual and caring interaction with each child and treating each child as the individual it is, so every child can thrive and develop.

Excursions to the nature around the KiTa are an essential part of our curriculum, as are free play, reading of books, singing and crafts. We use mostly natural materials for play and crafts, like wood, paper, stone, clay, water, and many more.

In our creative room children can paint, shape, play, bounce, and create.

The nursery

We offer about 16 day places for children from the 3rd month until they enter kindergarten.
In addition to the flexible, bookable hours and weekends, we require fixed childcare places throughout the day.
Parents should take plenty of time at the beginning to allow the child to settle in. Depending on your needs, you have the opportunity to individually accustom your child to our nursery at the beginning of the daycare period. This serves above all to get to know each other.

We would be pleased to invite you and your child to take a tour of our nursery and show you the possibilities that can be combined in any way you like.


Only sensitive and caring people can connect with small and big humans alike, put them in the center and cater to their needs.

Responsibility, relaxedness and common sense are required as much as empathy and a happy mind. The certified Marys are being assisted by qualified (oder certified?) nannies. We also give trainee inters the opportunity to participate in KiTa life and learn.

Founder of Mary Poppinz

Timothy and Sabine, both with many years of experience in the business sector as well as parents, see themselves not only as directors and founders of the KiTa Mary Poppinz Kinderbetreuung GmbH, but are also actively involved in the company and as contact persons.

As parents of a 12-year-old daughter and a son of 2 years, we wanted the possibility of later pick-up times and the sustainability aspect. We also wanted the balanced and vegetarian food in a childcare facility. The selection of good, qualified and enthusiastic staff is just as important to us as the simple, fast acting and almost paperless processing in administrative areas.

At the beginning of 2020, we fulfilled our dream and committed ourselves to the establishment of the nursery MaryPoppinz .

We are looking forward to you and especially to our little guests.


You are cordially invited to come with your child and see all our offers.

Please give us a call on 079 906 09 09 (mobile), 043 411 09 09 (fix) or write us an email on info@marypoppinz.ch

Sabine Eggenberger is happy to anwer your question during a first discussion.



CHF 145 Basic Full day, fixed care agreement
from 6.30 to 19.00, Monday to Friday
CHF 60 Evening Eveningcare incl. dinner
On request
until 21.00, from Monday to Friday
CHF 120 Weekend 6h Weekends (Sat/Sun) and official holidays
up to 6 hours
On request
between 8.00am and 8.00pm
CHF 25
Additional Hour 1h Hourly rate
On Request
Monday – Friday
CHF 300
Acclimatisation On request, flat rate
Full day, fixed care agreement
from 6.30 to 19.00, Monday to Friday
Eveningcare incl. dinner
On request
until 21.00, Monday to Friday
Weekend (Sat/Sun) and official holidays
for 6 hours from 8.00 to 20.00
On request
Additional Hour
Hourly rate
Monday – Friday
On request
Acclimatisation On Request, Flat rate 300

Closing time for picking up are:
9.00 – 11.30,
13:30 – 16.30,
from 21.00 is night’s rest till 6.00

Discount for siblings: 10% for family members

Example Calculation: 145*51/12 = CHF 616.25/Month

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