Terms and Conditions

  1. admission conditions

Mary Poppinz Childcare accepts children of all nations and denominations from 3 months to school age.

The total number of children admitted corresponds to the guidelines of the Uitikon Waldegg community.

The admission of the child becomes binding as soon as the present childcare contract has been signed by the parent(s) (here both the female and male form is meant, from now on referred to as “the parents”) and by the day nursery management and/or the management, and the deposit of one month day care payment has been fully paid.

By signing the contract, the legal guardians undertake to pay the childcare costs regularly and on time and to comply with the terms of the contract.

The legal guardians guarantee the continuous attendance of their child at the crèche.

Admissions are possible at any time. The day nursery management and executive board decide on the admission of a child. The following points are decisive for the decision on admission: available capacity, group composition, age of the child, date of registration as well as the desired weekly care time.

  1. minimum childcare condition

For educational reasons, we recommend that you let us look after your child for at least two full days. This is especially important so that the child can integrate into the group and get used to the daily routine of the day care centre.

  1. aclimatisation

The settling-in period is generally during 2 weeks before the day care begins.

The child stays in the day care centre for hours and is accompanied by his or her parents during the first few days. The settling-in plan is sent to the child in advance by the management of the nursery.

The aim is to ensure a gradual and safe transition from parental care to crèche care. The welfare of the child is always at the forefront.

Any extension of the settling-in period will be discussed with the legal guardians.

If the start date is postponed (if possible), 80% of the monthly fee will be charged until the new start date.

  1. information obligation

Parents or guardians are required to inform the group management / childcare centre management of any special features that are important for the care of the child. In particular, the day care centre must be informed about allergies, intolerances, sensitivities, any illnesses of the child or current infectious diseases of the family.

  1. opening hours

Mary Poppinz Kinderbetreuung GmbH is open regularly from Monday to Friday. The opening hours are continuous from 06.30 to 19.00 o’clock. Optionally and on request, extensions until 21.00 h, overnight stays, weekend and holiday care can be taken for a fee. There is no right to additional care or a guaranteed place for it.

  1. block times

Children cannot be brought or picked up during the following times, as these times are reserved for group activities:

8.45 a.m. – 11.00 a.m., 2.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m., nightrest from 9 p.m. until 6.00 a.m.

Daily Routine:

breakfast: 7.30 a.m.

Snack: approx. 9.00 a.m.

Lunch: 11:30 a.m.

Afternoonsnack: approx. 3.30 p.m.

Dinner: 19.00 with evening- and nightoverbooking

  1. clothing

Each child should have the following items deposited in the nursery:

  • finches or non-slip socks
  • Spare clothes (according to the season)
  • Dummi (nuggi), Nuscheli (or what it takes to sleep)
  • Special foods (for allergies, intolerances, etc.)
  • Medicines

We provide the washable Pop-Ins in the nursery. Any washable models brought along are welcome. Alternative solutions can be discussed with pleasure.

The nursery assumes no liability for lost or damaged private items.

  1. bring and pick up

If, in exceptional cases, a child cannot be collected by the parents, the nursery management must be informed by whom and at what time the child will be collected.

In such cases, the persons collecting the child must identify themselves to the nursery.

If the parents cannot be reached at the usual telephone number, an emergency number must be left.

It is important that the parents keep to the agreed times.

  1. regular supervision

The nursery place is booked for each week on a fixed basis. The reduction of the agreed days of care is subject to a two-month notice period.

A minimum stay of two days per week is required for a child to integrate into the group of children.

  1. short-term care

We also offer the possibility of short-term, additional support. However, the parents’ wishes can only be taken into account if sufficient childcare capacity is available. The registration must be requested in advance. There is no right to additional care or a guaranteed place for it.

  1. illness / accident

In case of illness (e.g. fever above 38°C, flu or other infectious childhood diseases) the child must be kept at home. If the child falls ill during the day, the parents or guardians will be informed by telephone and the further procedure will be discussed with the group leader. However, a sick child must always go home as soon as possible. Sick children should be cared for at home and cannot be brought to the nursery. A child must be healthy without medication, only then may it visit Mary Poppinz Kinderbetreuung GmbH (e.g. no antipyretic medication). Teething children as well as children with a slight cold (without fever) may visit Mary Poppinz Kinderbetreuung GmbH. As soon as the child’s fever rises above 38°C, the child must be collected.

  1. absences

In case of illness or other absences, the nursery must be informed by 09:00 a.m. at the latest. There is no refund of care costs and the days of care not taken cannot be compensated.

  1. holiday

Absences during holidays must be notified to the nursery management as early as possible. There is no reimbursement of care costs and the days of care not taken cannot be compensated.

  1. costs

The same price structure applies for all children.

CHF *145.00 Basic Full day with fixed care contract from 6.30 until 19.00, Monday - Friday
CHF 60.00 Evening Evening care, dinner included, on request until max. 21.00
CHF 120.00 Weekend 6 hrs Weekend (Sat, Sun) and public holidays, per 6 hours on request, from 8.00 until 20.00
CHF 300.00 Aclimatisation Flat rate

*All additional costs such as material, excursions, entrance fees, breakfast, snacks, lunch and Z’vieri as well as all drinks are already included in the rate


The monthly nursery fee is calculated as follows:

Number of days per week x daily fee x 51 weeks : 12 months = monthly fee

A flat rate of CHF 300.00 is charged for acclimatisation-period.


The agreed monthly lump sum is always charged monthly. This also applies to holidays and absence due to illness, accident or vacation.


The costs are to be paid monthly in advance before the last day of the previous month. Additionally booked services are charged retroactively at the end of the month. Siblings in the same family receive a 10% sibbeling discount from the 2. Child on.


Should the acclimatisation date be postponed (subject to the approval of Mary Poppinz Kinderbetreuung GmbH), 80% of the monthly flat rate will be charged until the new starting date.


If a place has been promised and a cancellation occurs before the start of the place, a compensation fee in the amount of one (1) month’s flat rate will be charged. (see also section 17 paragraph 2 of the GTC).


The monthly kindergarten fee is calculated as follows:

CHF *2’125.00 Basic 4 days of kindergarden per week and per month (12 times per year) from 6:30 to 19:00, Monday - Friday
CHF 125.00 Additional Day Friday from 6:30 until 19:00
CHF 750.00 Vacation care for externals 5 days vacation care per week from 6:30 until 19:00, Monday - Friday

*All additional costs such as materials, excursions, admissions, breakfast, snacks, lunch and Z’vieri as well as all drinks are already included in the tariff.

The agreed monthly flat rate is always charged monthly. This also applies during holidays and absence due to illness, accident or vacation.

The costs are to be paid monthly by the last day of the previous month. Additionally booked services will be charged retroactively at the end of the month. Siblings in the same family receive a 10% discount starting with the 2nd child.

If a place has been confirmed and a cancellation occurs before the start of the place, a handling fee in the amount of 50% of the annuel fee will be charged. (see also paragraph 17, section 2 of the GTC).

  1. Deposit

Upon conclusion of the contract, a one-time deposit in the amount of an expected monthly lump sum is to be paid. The deposit does not bear interest. The contract is only concluded and the place is only guaranteed when the deposit of a monthly lump sum has been paid in full.

The deposit will be offsetting any remaining claims or refunded at the end of the following month when the daycare relationship is terminated.

  1. Bank details

All payments to Mary Poppinz Kinderbetreuung GmbH must be made to the following account:

bank name: PostFinance AG

address: 4808 Zofingen

account in the name of the account: Mary Poppinz Kinderbetreuung GmbH

IBAN: CH79 0900 0000 1526 3588 7

Account number: 15-263588-7

  1. Period of notice

Each place can be cancelled in writing by the parents or the Mary Poppinz Kinderbetreuung GmbH with two months’ notice to the end of a month. If the notice period is not observed, the full day care fees will be charged for its duration.

Kindergarten place may only  be canceled by  the end of the ordinary school year.

If a place has been confirmed and a cancellation is made before the start of the course, a fee-sum compensation of one month for expenses incurred will be charged for daycare  and 50% of the annual fee will be charged for Kindergarten. (see also paragraph 14).

  1. Insurance

Parents are responsible for the health, accident and liability insurance of their children. The day nursery has a company liability insurance policy. The parents are liable for any damage caused by the child.

  1. transport by car

The KiTa Mary Poppinz reserves the right to reach excursion destinations by car (e.g. zoo Goldau). Appropriate child seats (Maxi-Cosi, bucket seats) will be provided and used as described. The cars will be maintained accordingly, driver and vehicle identification cards will be carried along, and the number of persons and load will be strictly observed and secured.

  1. company holidays, public holidays and Fridays

The Mary Poppinz is closed between Christmas and New Year, on Maundy Thursday, the Ascension Bridge and public holidays. During night and weekend care and the Friday after Ascension Day, there is no operation with trained specialists. There are experienced, tested and trained care personnel available with internal and external further training. The dates of company holidays are announced at the beginning of each year.